“Tough Questions” Wk 4 Message | The Fort Church

Tough Question #4:

How do I balance helping someone vs. enabling someone? Is it ever “OK” for a christian to say no to someone in need?

For someone who loves Jesus and loves others, this question can be a very difficult one to try to answer. Whether it is a stranger, a friend or a family member we know we are called to help those in need. We also know that there are some situations we cannot help. We may be able to help the symptoms but only God can really solve the root issues. We also know that sometimes when we help the symptoms we prevent people from facing the root issues.

How do we balance these truths? Is it ever right to refuse someone help? Is it ever harmful to help someone? How are we supposed to know? These questions are only complicated when the person in need is someone we love very much. When we are faced with these choices there are a few things we must remember: 1. Always be honest when assessing the situation 2. Ask others for wisdom 3. Don’t be selfish 4. Prayer is not nothing 5. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit 6. You are under grace

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