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Tough Question #3: How do you encourage someone who has had something terrible happen to them? What if they or their child was diagnosed with a horrible disease or cancer? How do you assure them that God still loves them and is with them in the midst of this terrible thing?

It is going to happen. We are going to experience loss. We are going to get sick. We are going to have failures. One of the sad constants of life is that everyone will, at some point, experience suffering. The bible tells us to expect it. When it comes to the issue of trials and suffering, the Bible always seems to say, “It is not ‘if’ but ‘when.’” The bible gives us some different reasons why suffering comes our way, but the reason is not always clear when we are right in the middle of the trial.

Sometimes it seems impossible that there could be any reason God would allow certain things to happen. It is not hard to think of some examples, especially when we start to think of some of the horrible things that children go though everyday. Sometimes it is hard to continue to think that God is good when these things take place. At the very least, it feels like he is not paying attention.

So, in those situations how do we answer our question? We don’t know the “why” so we can’t answer the “why.” So, don’t even try. What we can do is be the manifestation of God’s promises in someone’s life. He promises to never leave us. He promise to comfort us. He promises he will wipe every tear. Well, that is what we do. We are the hands and feet of Jesus in this time. We are the continuation of his ministry and we can be a part of those promises in one another’s lives.

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