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The influence of Paul on Christianity is hard to underestimate. The account of Paul’s missionary journeys in the book of Acts along with the 13 letters he wrote to the church make up a large portion of the New Testament. As the apostle to the gentiles he helped spread the gospel and start churches throughout the mediterranean from Jerusalem to Rome.

“I am the worst of all sinners.” After years of faithfully serving Jesus and continually putting his life on the line for the spread of the gospel, Paul writes those words about himself. Why would such a hero of the faith write something like that about himself? Because he believed it to be true.

At the very least, Paul supervised the intimidation, arrest and execution of christians. How much did he despise the message of Jesus for him to zealously pursue christians in order to stamp out the message. He wanted to crush the followers of Jesus. What must he have thought about Jesus in his own heart. Before his conversion Paul knew exactly what it meant to be an enemy of God. The change in Paul’s life should make it clear that there is no one so far gone that the grace of God cannot reach them.

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