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Everyone has failures. Some are small and insignificant and others are huge and life changing. In this series we will look into the common reasons for our failures and the consequences that come along with those failures. Most importantly, we will learn what
our failure can teach us and then push through them to do better in the future.

The Bible has very few heroes that did not experience failures. As the backdrop for our series we will look into the lives of some of the foundational figures of the Bible, the Patriarchs. “Patriarch” is just a fancy word for “father” that I use when I am trying to sound smart. The fathers we are referring to are the fathers of the nation of Israel,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As we learn their stories we will see that these men and their wives were no strangers to failure. In spite of their failures, God was able to redeem their lives and their stories to fit into His perfect plan of salvation for His people.

In Genesis 12, Abram and his wife Sarai (their names were later changed to Abraham and Sarah) traveled to Egypt due to a famine in Canaan. Abram instructed his wife to tell people in Egypt that she was his sister instead of his wife. His reason was to protect
himself. Because Sarai was so beautiful, Abram feared someone would kill him and take Sarai as his wife. The plan to pass her off as his sister would ensure that Abram would be well received by those he met. In Egypt, Sarai’s beauty attracted the attention of Pharaoh, the ruler of that country.Sarai was taken into Pharaoh’s house, and many gifts were given to Abram (Genesis 12:16). Genesis 12:17 says, “But the LORD afflicted Pharaoh and his house with great
plagues because of Sarai, Abram’s wife.”

Abram unwisely trusted in his own cunning to preserve his life, and he was caught in a lie. God proved His strength is perfect and that He is the only One with the power to save. Further, we see God has a greater purpose in all things, including suffering. His will is sovereign, and His Name will be glorified.

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